Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Why use PHP ?

There are other server-side alternatives such as Ruby On Rails , JSP , ASP.Net etc , So why is php so popular or what are the advantages of php over other server side programming languages ?

Open Source :- Who likes free cookies ? Everyone !! Yes php is open source and comes for free !! Also if you've prior experience in programming languages like C,C++,Java , php is going to be a walk in the park for you !!

Cross platform/Platform independent :- PHP works across various operating systems . They are platform independent and can be used across various platforms . Version compatibility may be an issue sometimes , however most of the newer servers are back-compatible !!

Huge Number of communities :-  So while i was in my initial days of web-development and just become familiar with the concepts of server side and client side , after doing some research i found out that the number of discussion forums , the number of communities of php out numbered those of any of it's other counterparts . So quite obviously , the more the fan following , more is the popularity . Seldom you'll find bugs in your code that hasn't been answered in any discussion forum or community !!

Number of good Frameworks :- It has a large number of good and open source frameworks which includes CakePHP,Zend Framework etc !! These frameworks have a lot of functionality built into them and it'll make life easier for you as a coder !!

Extensions :-  Php has a lot of extensions available out there and therefore is extremely scalable !!

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